The 5 Best Glock 43 Night Sights Reviewed & Tested

The 5 Best Glock 43 Night Sights Reviewed & TestedIt’s just a little thing, but the Glock 19 night sights are really cool. If you are in the market for a new set of night sights then read on.

These night sights are actually made for pistols that have a slide-mounted rear sight. The Glock pistol has the most night sights of any other handgun. So if you are looking for a night sight for your Glock this is it.

The night sights attach to the slide rail in a way similar to the day sights do. You simply slip the slide into the magazine and turn the screw. The screw that secures the sights can be opened up using a screwdriver or a soldering iron.

The older style of rear sights that used to be on pistols were spring-loaded sights that had to be screwed on or removed each time you moved the gun to hunt. This was a very long and tiresome process.

Now that we have cleared up the confusion, let’s look at the advantages of the steel sight system. Most important is that these sights don’t wear out like the old sights did. You just replace them with a new set.

The real advantage is that they don’t move when you use the gun in an off-hand fashion. The slide will lock into place while you draw and put the gun back down. There are no moving parts that can malfunction.

The sight systems come in both fiber optic and night sights. If you prefer the fiber optic sights you will pay less money. Both are fine. They are all compatible with each other.

The night sights will work better at night because they will work better with darker backgrounds. The fiber optic sights will work better at all times, though.

Now that you know how to get started, it’s time to actually do it. Put on your favorite pair of glasses, take the slide out and check out the sights.

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If the sights aren’t aligned perfectly you will see a glare coming from the sight. If the sights are not aligned perfectly they may be off a little.

Get the sights on the Glock and slide the gun back into the holster. You may need to bring the sights up into alignment by turning the screw around and pulling it out a little bit.

After they are aligned, you should be able to set the sights on the front sight of the pistol. If they are not set then take them off and adjust them until they are in place.

7 Best Night Sights for Glock 19 in 2020 |

One of the first items which handgun owners opt to upgrade are the sights. This is largely due to OEM Glock sights lacking quality, although they possess certainly come a long way from the fixed sights of yesteryear.

A lot of Glock owners would rather do away with their polymer factory sight units, and aftermarket Glock sights are easy to come by, generally affordable, and there is a ton of variety.

Some shooters prefer a steel sight instead of polymer for improved durability, while others want evening sights, a different view picture, or also elevated sights for make use of with an audio suppressor. Whatever the reason why, there are lots of excellent options to displace the OEM sights on your own Glock 19.

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The 8 Sights For Glock 19 In 2019: 

  1. Ideal Gen 4: Ameriglo Common Tritium Series
  2. Ideal Gen 4 #2: XS Sight Systems 24/7 Big Dot
  3. Greatest Gen 5: XS Sights F8 Evening View
  4. Ideal Gen #5: TRUGLO Tritium Evening Sights
  5. Greatest Trijicon: Bright + Rough™
  6. Ideal Trijicon #2: Trijicon HD XR™
  7. Greatest Suppressor-elevation: Evening Fision Great Dot
  8. Ideal Suppressor-elevation #2: Ameriglo Suppressor Place GL-429
CategoryGreatest for Gen 4Greatest for Gen 5Greatest Trijicon
ItemAmeriglo Common TritiumTRUGLO Tritium Evening SightsTrijicon HD XR™
Back ColorYellow or Green w/ Light OutlineGreen w/ Light OutlineYellow or Orange
Entrance ColorYellow or Green Tritium w/ Light OutlineGreen Tritium w/ Light OutlineNone
Pounds0.16 oz0.30 oz1.6 oz
Great FeatureBasic set upCurved edges to lessen snaggingBig front side dot for fast focus on acquisition
PriceCheck CostCheck CostCheck Cost
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Greatest Glock 19 Gen4 Night time Sights

Released this year 2010, Glock’s 4th generation type of pistols, dubbed Gen4 by Glock itself, offers been fulfilled with mixed outcomes. Some shooters swear they are just the highly long lasting weapon that previous generations have already been, while some claim reduced dependability, shootability, and actually looks (when you can think that).

Wherever the reality lies in this specific equation, it didn’t appear to decelerate their talk about of the marketplace.

Despite having the ever-raising slew of imitators on the market, Glock still owns the market, representing well over half of U.S. law enforcement agencies, more than all others combined. The Glock 19 Gen4 is a standard duty weapon of the NYPD, and is optional for LAPD officers.

With it being such a common and readily available pistol, the G19 has a plethora of aftermarket accessories available, often even at major retail stores, so finding sights isn’t the issue-deciding on which sights is the hardest part.

1. Ameriglo Classic Tritium Series

These are the classic style of 3-dot combat sight popularized in the last couple of decades and put out on almost every creation autoloader hitting product sales areas today.

There can be some dispute over whether 3-dots will be the best sight program, but whatever the simple truth is for the reason that matter, they are certainly the most prevalent, which explains why they are #1 upon this list.

Ameriglo is rolling out a status for providing an excellent product at an extremely affordable price, which may be the first account all individuals are worried about (if they admit it or not really).

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The Ameriglo Basic Tritium makes the very best of the list due to its simpleness and commonality; whoever has certified with an M9 in the armed service, or offers every certified as an armed protection officer or LEO, has used 3-dot sights.

Firearms enthusiasts are often tinkerers and desire to see everything first-hands, so these shooters might choose something else even more elaborate, but a whole lot of individuals who bring for duty or actually self-defense aren’t enthusiasts. They simply want something dependable and familiar.

Item Specifications

  • Machined from bar stock steel rather than thermomoulded polymer.
  • Green tritium dots with white outlines; green tritium is for night use while the white outline is for daytime engagements.
  • Direct OEM replacement requiring no modifications.


  • Standard 3-dot configuration is familiar to almost all shooters.
  • Simple setup will require very little adjustment for shooters coming from other firearms and brands of sights.
  • Reasonably priced with excellent reviews.


  • 3-dot sights are quickly being replaced on combat handguns with I-Dot style sights which offer faster target acquisition.
  • Limited options in terms of outlines and tritium.
  • Rear sights are fixed.

The Classic Tritium Glock 19 night sights are not tailored for any specific segment of the market; they are simple, fixed OEM replacement units without any frills. This makes them a great compliment to the EDC, truck gun, or bedside gun where simplicity and reaction time always trump precision.


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